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Dark world by deep covers

Dark World, the sophomore album by Calgary multi-instrumental artist, Deep Covers, somehow simultaneously embodies the breadth and austerity of elemental rocky landscapes, the rawness of the ocean, the cacophony of the psyche, and the depths and darkness of space.

Sonically, layers of synths and guitar open up vast emotional spaces, allowing the loneliness and contradiction of scale perceived by human existence to impress itself upon the listener. On tracks like Dissolve percussion compliments the gentle vibe via mellow measurements. The momentum shifts with the energetic rhythms included in Illusory, and is then amped further in drama and urgency on Body // Double. Vocals compliment the instrumentation with power yet have the impression of whispers inside one's head. The album is exciting to listen to in moments, penetrating in others, all the while a thread of foreboding can be felt throughout, as in a dream.

Dark World is lyrically quite intriguing. Oblivion, the first single, recognizes the fraught relationship we have with our planet, and reminds us of the awesome power held by the Earth. Not one to shy away from the complexity of the mind, Deep Covers explores the relationships between the external and internal; what we see when we look out, and when we look in. Repeater, already so powerful musically, is given even more impact via the subject matter, which from my personal lens holds notes of psychological trauma. World of Noise poetically explores themes of disassociation, guilt and self-awareness - once again, my interpretation. True to form the final song on the album, in this case In Vein, mixes a sense of fatalistic tragedy with romance and deep connection. A little reminder of the final song on Deep Covers' self-titled debut album.

Songs of course are open to interpretation, as per the notes above, and can hold different meaning for different people. Wilson, of Deep Covers, says he hesitates to try to explain in depth what the meaning of a song might be for the risk of removing some of the magic. He would disclose that, "a general theme for the album is sustainability, both internal and external."

Wilson expands, "The sounds and imagery are all heavily influenced by my trip to Iceland. Seeing such natural beauty and volcanic volatility. Also seeing chunks of ice fall off a glacier and float away into the ocean, seeing global warming in real time before your eyes."

The visuals that accompany the album are highly nature based, with the album cover image and much of the complimentary music video footage featuring captures from the artist's aforementioned visit to Iceland. The images pair beautifully with the sound and tone of the album. Deep Covers' music has always had an intensely impactful visual element. Whether those images are experienced inside your mind, or provided externally, the nature of the music is exceptionally vivid and visual.

One of the most exciting releases of 2020 in my opinion - check out Dark World on streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, and videos on YouTube. Visit for more info.

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