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Imagination - single release by l'omelette

"A black hole daydream steeped in mystery…"

L'Omelette, the jazzy art rock powerhouse hailing from our very own YYC, recently dropped a spine-tingling attitude soaked single, called "Imagination". The single release party happened the night before Halloween in a garage with audience situated in the accompanying alleyway. Included were costumes for each band member, colourful do it yourself lighting and décor, a fire pit to compliment the emotionally warm and intimate atmosphere (and to thaw chilly toes), and a small guest list of course to maintain Covid compliance.

Regaled in netted stockings, neon fishnet gloves, a feather headdress, boa, and a beak, Megs Benedict positively wailed out vocals describing a fraught fascination with an object of desire who's blasé behaviour frustrates and torments. Benedict's vocal control and strength are an impressive combination. Add in her prowess and sassiness on sax and guitar and you have yourself a triple threat.

L'Omelette would not be what it is without the contributions of each of its highly skilled members. Ashlyn Knox was mesmerizing on drums as usual, and formidable in large, curved horns, adding delicious drama to the upstage area. Despite the cold Matthew Lowe on bass braved bare feet on a concrete floor, while dressed as a funky pirate. Avery Mitchell, tucked in a back corner and obscured by a deer mask was the opposite of glory seeking, as lead guitar, however provided excellent instrumentation. Wearing a sweet bee costume with floppy antennae, Alex Klipper added fullness and flavor on rhythm guitar.

"Imagination" was a highlight of the evening, as appropriate given it was the reason for the celebration.

Per Benedict, “Imagination relays the maddening feeling of wanting to connect with a person who is emotionally unavailable. It’s a feeling of anxiety, self-loathing, desperation and denial. Ugly and impossible to ignore.

We delve into these feelings with an in-your face performance that blends grunge rock and swing somehow. The song demands to be heard in the same way that the narrator demands the attention of an unavailable partner.”

If you have been on either side of this equation “Imagination” is bound to be both cathartic and eye opening.

Thankfully l'Omelette also performed several more songs, including originals and covers, one of which was Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads. Throughout the set it felt difficult to believe that this band is local, rather than originating from some sort of magical high-profile arts hub. Maybe another sign that Calgary is leveling up in its arts scene. I have no doubt once we can have big shows again l'Omelette will be driving full capacity venues wild with their infectious energy, ferocious creativity, and musical precision.

I am extremely excited to be able to refer you to streaming services such as Spotify to check out "Imagination":

Also check out the band website and associated social media via:

If you are dying to see l'Omelette live, as you should be, they will be celebrating the release of their very first music video on Friday at Mikey's on 12th.

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