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Welcome to Chromatic.City

A blog by Grey Hills Studio:

I wanted a place where I could write about and promote the arts and entrepreneurial landscape in YYC.

As a very creatively centered individual, who has lived in Calgary for nearly my entire life, there have

been moments where I have lamented what felt like a lack of value placed on the arts in our city.

However, this is changing, and Calgary is growing in vibrancy.

The title of this blog comes from the word “chromaticity”, which according to Wikipedia is defined as,

“an objective specification of the quality of a color regardless of its luminance. Chromaticity consists of

two independent parameters, often specified as hue (h) and colorfulness (s), where the latter is

alternatively called saturation, chroma, intensity, [1]  or excitation purity. [2][3] “

There is power in naming things, and it can be a daunting task. I reached out to a friend who came up with this name. It feels very right, since there is great quality in the “colour”, and also the artistic “purity” and “intensity” in Calgary, all of which are picking up speed. As a bonus, if you know my work you know I am a very big advocate of the local music scene, and as pointed out, chromatic also refers to the 12 note scale which serves as a base for western music – just fantastic. Thank you, Harvey Hinton for coming up with such a

brilliant and applicable blog name!

There are many incredible artists and makers, of many mediums, in YYC, but you have to know about

them to appreciate their work. My hope is to spread the word, as well as show some love to these

brilliant hardworking creatives. I am very excited to get started!


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